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Merwealth Limited is a international company formed by a team of highly qualified partners on the different governments’ legal rights, recognized by major consulting firms, administrative, commercial, fiscal and legal. Our company operates on the international market with the advantage of working with the largest professionalism. Our company works in the form of a network of services, guaranteeing its prestige on the international market to which a selected partnership of highly prestigious professionals specialized in the sectors and recognized by the main professional associations is faithful.

A good project must respect the credibility criteria
The principles of feasibility always guarantee the best results.
The future of a project is always guaranteed by a stable organization

Our consulting services:

  • Business Plan & Master Plan including detailed analytical;
  • Legal and fiscal advice on international markets;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Appraisals and business analysis;
  • Development and registration of Brand and Holding;
  • Patents and Trademark;
  • Consultancy and technical assistance for Joint Venture Agreements, international commercial contracts, financial contracts and general agreements;
  • Advice on financial markets, marketplaces, crowdfunding, bridge funding, etc;
  • Advice and technical assistance dedicated to individual international operations;
  • Dedicated services for new technology;
  • Solvency, compliance and diligence services;
  • And other specialized services;