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Merwealth Limited is a network of trust consists of an active participation of over 200 dealers worldwide. Our company is always interested in expanding their dealers. Our staff is qualified to evaluate a careful selection of candidates to ensure a mark of prestige and high quality services.
All candidates interested in developing a new synergy professional and serious, they can send their dossier submission via email.


The aim of this network is not cheap, but the realization of a promotion and dissemination of seriousness and professionalism in our brand.

Candidates must have as main requirements:

  • High integrity;
  • Three years of work experience;
  • Job requirements with our services;

Merwealth Limited offers professional training solutions for its partners who are interested in new job motivation, evocative profits and integration into an international group. Candidates can work directly from their office without initial investment, offering quality services on their own reference market.

You can ask for more information or directly submit your affiliation application with this form. You can also use the Client’s Information Sheet to provide your request.

Confidential Form

Form to request affiliation to our group


Client's Information Sheet