About Us

Merwealth Limited was born from the twenty years of experience of its founders. The company was established to provide high quality services to facilitate every trade process between parties by facilitating transactions and delivery of products.

Merwealth Limited was founded by professionals and experts in law, tax, protection strategies, growth strategies, financial experts and management. Our company offers highly qualified and trusted professionals who provide managerial services for managing trade and ensuring speed in carrying out product transportation and delivery processes. We work with leading international partners in tax, law, goods transport, warehousing and logistics. Our reputation for industry excellence and trust has been earned through prestigious service with twenty years of experience.

Merwealth Limited establishes an exclusive trust relationship with its international clients, it offers strategic services in step with the evolution of laws and markets, its staff is recognized for the great professional profile that has as main objective the interests of the client, safeguarding their economies and applying armored strategies of information. The main services offered are collected in categories and offered with tasks tailored to the client’s objectives. The choice of a wide range of services is structured by what the company since its foundation has analyzed the supply and demand on the increasingly evolved and demanding market.

About US - Our Team

We understand your requirement and provide quality works. Our group is mainly made up of international experts who work professionally in the following sectors:


About Us - Our Services


Direct management of supply and demand between all sides


Agreements and development of validation and security solutions


Sales analysis, feasibility compliance and safeguard against commercial risks


Complete management of all sales and goods delivery processes


International business expansion solutions


Commercial validation and compliance solutions and institutional relations


Complete solutions for transport, storage and logistics, distribution


Broker activity for international transport and trade

Merwealth Limited operates as an international network of member companies offering globalized services to trade from valuation, customer management, contractual relationships, shipping, warehousing and logistics. We work closely with our clients, helping them mitigate risks and seize opportunities.
Our company has associated companies in more than 160 countries around the world, offering all its services with quality assurance and assisting customers in all their needs

Core process


Merchandise search, compliance, supply and demand relationship


Identification of the sides' commercial objectives and facilitation of agreements


Analysis of contractual risks and management of supplies over time


Organization and management of international shipments


Local warehouse management to ensure immediate availability


Digitalized logistics management and territorial organization




Power to achieve every commercial objective


Diligence and honesty to manage every legal aspect


A dynamic body that adapts to every variable of the trade


In trade we offer speed because it is important to be the first