Freight developed as the basis of all success

Merwealth Limited offers solutions for the transport of goods through its international partners offering advantageous conditions, even on routes that require greater attention. We can offer transport based on different solutions for any type of goods intended for trade.

We pay particular attention to shipping needs by formulating offers that allow rapid destination while safeguarding the contents even with products defined as fragile. In addition to transport, we can offer complete solutions for storage and logistics.

Reliable Freight

Air Cargo

We offer traditional and urgent international solutions with direct flights from the main airlines with customs clearance and rapid delivery service for goods arriving at the main airports. We can also offer dedicated charter flights with long-haul routes. We offer international air shipments of pallets and oversized cargo with cost optimization while maintaining fast delivery times.
A personalized and tailor-made solution for each individual company, based on its specific needs and business objectives.

Ship Cargo

International maritime shipments of containerized goods (container box, high cube, flat rack, open top, reefer) and groupage, both for export and import, all over the world. Promoting more reliable loading with accurate tracking. FCL or ‘Full Container Load’ shipments refer to the loading of a transport vehicle by a single supplier company at the point of departure with goods destined for one or more customers.
LCL or “Less than Container Load” shipments, also known as “groupage load,” is where a container is loaded with goods from multiple shippers at one consolidation point. This method is used for transfers that are small or too small in volume to occupy a complete load unit.

Train Cargo

Merwealth Limited offers rail transport solutions, a rail service represents an attractive solution for shipping containers from inland cities to major hubs, ensuring quick and safe returns. This solution is mainly valid for guaranteeing very low transport costs, favoring reliable transport, with fast and efficient transport options, as well as it is possible to transport full-size containers reaching the final destination hub without necessarily having to be stored.

Truck Cargo

Merwealth Limited offers road transport solutions with the main transport companies with an offer dedicated to customer needs. Exceptional transport solutions for larger volumes and container transport equipped with accurate identification tracking and the possibility of direct delivery.

  • Cost reduction
  • Scalability
  • Delivery speed
  • A personalized and tailor-made solution for each individual company, based on its specific needs and business objectives.

Processing and deliveries


Storage solutions customized and adapted to customer needs with a rapid process.


Logistics solutions with rapid and tracking for the benefit of the target user