Terms and conditions updated to 2024

Due dilligence

The Client agrees to provide a company profile to MERWEALTH LIMITED with any information we may request about the Client’s business background. MERWEALTH LIMITED reserves the right to refuse Customers without any obligation of communication.

MERWEALTH LIMITED operates in compliance with international anti-money laundering laws and takes any preventive measure to our protection. The customer is solely responsible if any illegal activity occurs. Merwealth Limited operates under the condition of “knowledge of the customer” and it must provide all information and documents to ensure compliance with the international laws attributed to it.

The main documents required are

  • Valid identity documents issued by major government offices in good copy for conservationof all the people involved
  • Business company profile
  • Good standing
  • Client information sheet

It is the customer’s obligation, directly and indirectly, to undertake actions and activities in compliance with international laws and to guarantee any future violation.

Our reputation and strict policies ensure that our international affiliates and partners feel comfortable working with our clients. Likewise, our Clients enjoy the advantage of receiving services that maintain an excellent reputation and recognition of our brand, without limiting individual and collective privacy, in fact our company cares about the confidentiality and attention of the customer, therefore, any operational measure is carried out with careful diligence of loyalty and protection.

Merwealth Limited reserves the right to cancel some or all of the services, in particular the proprietary services, if the Client’s activities are deemed not to be in line with our business policies. The Client must ensure that Merwealth Limited is able to contact the Client by telephone or by written notice at any time and any changes must be notified to us as soon as possible. The Customer remains fully responsible for all tax returns submitted within the legal deadline and for the payment of all taxes.

The Client must guarantee that he works in his own interest and on his behalf, as having an economic right. If the client works as a representative, as an attorney or other legal form, he must provide proof of documentation and undertake to promptly communicate any current and / or future changes in relation to his / her appointment.

Confidentiality Notice

Any communication transmitted by Merwealth Limited is addressed exclusively to its recipient, who is the interested party of the service. They contain confidential information intended for a specific individual and purpose. All communications are intended as private and confidential. Strictly intimating the prohibition of disclosure, copying and / or distribution in any capacity.

International tax obligations

It is important our Clients are aware of their personal and corporate tax obligations in their country of residence and domicile, and that they fulfill those obligations annually. The customer excludes Merweath Limited from any liability for legal breaches of any form provided for by the law of their territory.